Nestor Torres Presents – Neodance

Neodance is a dynamic Tango fusion of rhythms and dance. Weaving Tango as the common thread, Neodance combines a blend of the hottest genres in Latin music and Jazz with the sensual, seductive dances of Tango and Salsa. Nestor Torres' creative and innovative genius brings MrDance's vision to life... and now to the world.

Nestor Torres
Flautist and Latin Grammy Award winner Nestor Torres has garnered popular and critical praise for his distinctive mix of Latin, Jazz and Classical sounds. By trans-forming the flute´s role in the contemporary musical landscape with a fluid versatility that sets him apart, this remarkable virtuoso has earned a devoted following, practically establishing a new genre of popular instrumental music. His body of work includes 14 CDs with 4 Latin Grammy & 1 Grammy nomination, a Latin Grammy Award, a published book of his music, and collaborations with Dave Mathews, Herbie Hancock, Ricky Martin, Kenny Loggins, Tito Puente, and Gloria Estefan to name a few. Also a prolific composer and producer, Mr. Torres is not only a renowned and accomplished artist, but a consummate entertainer.


Alfred Friedman
Alfred Friedman (aka MrDance) – An acclaimed dancer, choreographer and dance instructor for over 40 years, Alfred Friedman was named "MrDance" by his peers due to his versatility as a multi-dimensional dancer. A successful entrepreneur and visionary in his own right, MrDance´s passion for Argentine Tango inspired him to fuse Tango and ´Nuevo Tango´ with different dance & music genres, thereby creating an alchemy of steps and moves with music that brings out the creativity from within the dancer. The result: Neodance; a breath of fresh air to this art form called "Dance."


Alex Magno
Known worldwide for is work with Madonna, Yanni, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and Pussy Cat Dolls, Alexandre Magno is a highly regarded international film director and choreographer for the stage and screen. Having grown up in Brazil, Magno’s work is an inspired fusion of Latin Rhythms and a diversity of styles, cul-tures and disciplines, combined with his mastery of Contemporary and Commercial Dance. Alex Magno possesses an inimitable voice in both the artistic and commer-cial worlds, not only as a Choreographer, but as an innovative filmmaker as well.

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